Physicians CareConnection

Our Mission: The Physicians CareConnection (PCC) is dedicated to optimizing the health of those most vulnerable in Central Ohio.

Looking Back  
The Columbus Medical Association (formerly the Academy of Medicine) published the following story in March 1994:

Academy of Medicine Opens Free Clinic

“The Academy of Medicine’s Free Clinic recently celebrated its first year anniversary. During its first year of operation, volunteer physicians cared for 1,400 patients. Over half of these patients were seen by primary care physicians, however, the specialists were also very busy.”

Twenty-five years later, the Physicians Free Clinic continues to operate under the umbrella of the Physicians CareConnection (PCC), an affiliate of the Columbus Medical Association (CMA). PCC specializes in patient centered care coordination that provides access to healthcare and aims to reduce risks associated with the social determinants of health.Since 1993, PCC has coordinated care for over 40,000 people who are vulnerable in Central Ohio.

Looking Forward 

The need for PCC continues as new healthcare challenges effect the most vulnerable in Central Ohio. To meet these needs, PCC’s services include:
  • Medical and Dental Care
  • Prenatal Care and Pregnancy Resources
  • Enrollment assistance for Public and Private Insurance
  • Transportation and Interpretation Coordination