Marc Parnes, MD

CMA Foundation and Physicians Leadership Academy President

Obstetrics & Gynecology (retired)

Why CMA?
When I first started into practice, the other physicians in my practice told me that I needed to join the then Academy of Medicine, as it was what physicians do. Over time I learned of the history of the Academy. I developed pride in the good work that my predisessors had done to support the health of our community. One early example of physicians helping our community was when they organized the first mass vaccination of the Sabin vaccine. I grew up in Columbus. I still recall the “Sabin on Sunday” when I took the vaccine as a child.

Now, I continue to support the CMA and its affiliates as I hope that I can contribute through these organizations to improve the health of our community. One of the ways that I hope I can make a difference is through supporting physicians. Despite the advancement in medical knowledge, the job of a physician has become more complex. They need help with that complexity. I see the CMA as an organization that supports physicians in their work of improving the health of our community.