Columbus Medical Association Foundation


Our Mission: The Columbus Medical Association Foundation (CMAF), through the governance and oversight of Its board of physicians and other experts, effects change within specific priority areas to Improve the health of the residents of central Ohio.

We are here to improve the health of the community and to assist those who have similar interests fulfill their philanthropic goals.

What if there was a way for you to have an impact in the healthcare arena by sharing time, talent and treasure with an organization that’s trusted by thousands of Columbus medical professionals – and impact the causes you care about most?

When you partner with the Columbus Medical Association Foundation, there is a way!

As the philanthropic organization of the Columbus Medical Association, the CMAF is part of a vibrant community created by physicians for physicians and others to make a difference in central Ohio. We work with you to fund and solve health and wellness issues affecting the central Ohio community.

How do we do it? Together. Because without you, we wouldn’t be us.

Together, we make a measurable impact by funding some of the community’s pressing healthcare needs:

  • Putting patients first in healthcare delivery
  • Improving access to clinical services for uninsured and under-insured populations
  • Saving lives through the coordination of trauma and emergency care resources, and disaster preparedness
  • Providing an opportunity for diverse young people to learn about healthcare philanthropy and fund programs affecting youth
  • Improving the leadership capacity and skills of physicians

Together, we help you fulfill your healthcare vision. We create pathways to help you, as individuals, families and organizations give back through healthy Ideas, and passion projects you identify.

You see, we’re more than a charitable organization…

Some of the community’s finest health and wellness programs started in the CMAF – and they originated with CMA physicians and partners just like you.

  • If you want to fund a healthy idea...
  • If you have a healthy idea, but need funding...
  • If you have a healthy idea and funding but need assistance to get if off the ground...

...the Columbus Medical Association Foundation is the place where healthy ideas start.

Together, we make the heart of Ohio healthier.