Create a Personalized Charitable Fund

As a donor, you can create a personalized charitable fund within the Foundation to support issues, concerns or organizations that are of interest to you. By utilizing the Foundation, you have the opportunity to receive tax benefits, secure professional management, contribute to concerns and organizations in perpetuity.

Your fund may be established as a permanent endowment using net income only to make awards or grants or a provisional endowment which uses principal and net income. Personalized charitable funds can be established with a minimum gift of $10,000. Donors have up to five (5) years to reach the minimum contribution level. It is recommended that you consult with Foundation staff to determine which type of fund would be best to further your giving intentions.

Any  fund may be established with an outright gift of cash, securities or other assets, including real estate that can be readily liquidated.  Funds may be created or added to through your will, trust, life insurance, other planned giving vehicle. All named funds are assessed a quarterly administration fee, based on the size of the fund. 

If you are interested in creating a personalized charitable fund, please contact the Cathy Thompson or call 614-240-7410. 



A fund that gives you the opportunity to support any number of organizations on behalf of organizations, families, or individuals. If you need assistance, Foundation staff can assist you in identifying grant recipients.


A fund that gives you the opportunity to provide continuing support to one or more of your favorite organizations that provide healthcare services or addresses healthcare issues. You direct the Foundation to send net income earned by your fund to the organizations you have elected to support with this fund.


This fund provides you with the opportunity to create a named fund in which you select the area, concern or issue you would like to support. The area of interest can be defined as broadly (ex. mental health) or as narrowly (ex. pregnancy and infant care) as you wish.

The Foundation staff will regularly identify appropriate grantees using grantmaking procedures and the Foundation’s evaluation criteria. 


A fund that gives you the opportunity to provide financial support for the following:

  • Education costs of students who are pursuing a degree, certification or advanced training.
  • Fellowships, internships and professional advancement opportunities
  • Research activities

Establishing a scholarship fund provides for a systematic and professionally managed fund based on the individual’s or organization’s interests. It can be a way to memorialize, or honor a family member or significant person and support the education of medical professionals.


A flexible fund that gives you the opportunity to provide a stream of income that can be applied to current healthcare needs of the community as they are identified by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.