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Firearm deaths and injuries are on the rise across the nation, and Central Ohio is not immune to this unfortunate trend.

In an effort to address this, both the City of Columbus and Franklin County have declared gun violence a public health crisis but still, there are daily occurrences of firearm deaths and injury interspersed throughout our local health care system. They're in the emergency department, operating rooms, rehab facilities, hospital beds, etc.

The CMA recognizes that physicians are stakeholders in this crisis, and they have a role to play in addressing it, just as they did with tobacco and cars. So, to better understand what is happening in our community the CMA has invited four experts to discuss firearm violence, suicides, and accidents.

Get to Know the Panel:

Rosie Bauder, PhD, MPH, LPCC 

Rosie Bauder, PhD, MPH, LPCC is a postdoctoral scholar with The Ohio State University College of Medicine’s Suicide and Trauma Reduction Initiative (STRIVE). She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of Ohio and serves as a research clinician on several clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of suicide and trauma-specific evidence-based practices. Her research focuses on components of crisis response planning and suicide prevention among high-risk groups, including youth with oppressed identities and gun owners. 

Jonathan I. Groner, MD  
Jonathan I. Groner, MD, is a Professor of Surgery at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. He is the trauma quality medical director of the Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and the medical director of the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research. He is also a full-time faculty member of the Division of Pediatric Surgery and has a busy clinical practice that covers not only trauma and burns, but also acute care and general pediatric surgery. 

Dr. Groner’s research interests include the impact of trauma on minority children, firearm-related trauma, child abuse, and pediatric head injury. He has a strong interest in medical ethics and has written extensively about the role of physicians in capital punishment. Dr. Groner is a past president of the Central Ohio Trauma System and the Pediatric Trauma Society. 

Marian​ Stuckey, LISW-S, MBA 

Marian Stuckey is a Licensed Independent Social Worker with Supervisory status with over 10 years of experience working in the public and mental health fields.  Additionally, Marian has a Master’s of Business Administration. Marian is passionate about working with diverse groups of people and has served many years in underserved communities working alongside and in partnership to support positive change. Marian’s career has focused on uplifting opportunities for healing and wellness. Marian currently serves as Section Chief of Neighborhood Social Services at Columbus Public Health, overseeing programming focused on the social determinants of health, community trauma, violence reduction, and alternative safety response.  

Malcolm Porter

Malcolm Porter is a public policy and political affairs consultant. He has done policy and political advisory work for the Columbus Medical Association, Columbus Medical Association Foundation,
COTS and Physicians Care Connection for the past 13 years. During that time he has worked with both traditional physician advocacy stakeholders and also individual CMA physician members on a broad array of issues that impact the practice of medicine.
In addition to working with the CMA and its affiliated organizations, Malcolm does advocacy work with other clients in healthcare, including mental health, as well as the fields of real estate development, design and construction.  

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