CMA Practice Manager Meetup


Join the CMA's Practice Manger Meetup May 12th from 11am-12pm, and as in the past, we'll be providing you with information on the 'political landscape' that you'll be working with (or against) in 2021.

Ohio is entering a particularly challenging budget year, and still dealing with the many layers of issues related to the current pandemic. Add these issues to our current national political mix, and the national and state legislative environment is even more challenging than "normal."

This practice managers luncheon is not only a time to learn about the latest in public policy, but also to bring your questions about policy and politics. =

Do you have issues/questions that you would like addressed at this session? 

Feel free to send your topics to Lynn Manoogian by May 10th, and we will include them in the agenda under the topic "From the Practice Managers' ...." You can be as general or specific as you like, on either political or policy issues. We will not identify the source of the question, unless you specifically ask to be identified.

In addition to the topics that come from you, we will certainly touch on:

  • recent Ohio laws that passed in 2020
  • prospect for some major healthcare issues that were carried over from last year 
  • possible new healthcare agenda topics
  • the current political landscape in Ohio and its potential impacts


Lynn Manoogian


Dial-in Instructions: