CMA Practice Managers Luncheon

Caring for Your Practice. Caring for Yourself.

- Part 1 -
Addiction, Intervention, Treatment & Recovery: Help in understanding and intervening on peers with substance use disorders.

As a Practice Manager, your job is to look out for everyone and make sure that the office is running smoothly. That’s a heavy load even on a good day. But would you recognize the signs if one of your practices’ employees or leaders was struggling with addition? Would you know the right steps that should be taken in response?

In the first part of our program our expert speaker, Nelson Heise, will help us to:
o   Learn symptoms of substance use disorders.
o   Understand the basics of Interventions.
o   Understand treatment and aftercare expectations for healthcare professionals.
o   Review licensure board's “One Bite” rule and/or confidential treatment process and its importance to licensees.

- Part II -
Stress and Burnout – Techniques that can really help.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that many of today’s Practice Managers are feeling some degree of stress and burnout. Sharing the reasons why would essentially be “preaching to the choir”. But what can you do that will really make a difference?

We’ve invited Dr. Phil Cass to share techniques that will help us to care for ourselves so we can better attend to our work and personal lives.


Cassandra Foster


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