CMA Practice Manager Luncheon


"The What, How and Who of Wellness"

Presented by: Dr. Phil Cass

Wednesday, September 14, 2022 11:30 am- 1:30pm


Join us as Dr. Phil Cass leads us through an interactive presentation that not only includes elements of understanding our own barriers to wellness, but also strategies we can bring back to our work environments. We will learn and understand how to:

  • expose the “blind spot” of our times;
  • provide a mental model to understand burnout;
  • help participants have a felt experience of the blind spot;
  • explore means of connecting with the who;
  • help participants know what to look for concerning burnout

*All staff members welcome for this special event*


Contact: Lynn Manoogian at

or 614-255-4398

Dr. Phil Cass

In his work as CEO, he is responsible for strategic direction, operations management, human resources management, policy development, government relations, and community relations. As a college-level instructor, he has developed a curriculum for and provided instruction in the area of leadership, which is his passion. He has provided hosting/facilitation and training for numerous organizations locally and internationally and has served on many Boards of community organizations.

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