CMA Practice Manager Luncheon

  Setting and Coaching To Performance Standards- Get Them to Step Up (or Step Out)
September 30, 2020  |  11:30 am- 1:00 pm
Columbus Medical Association-Board Room  |  1390 Dublin Rd. Columbus 43215

As a manager your success comes from working through others.  Ensuring that your reports preform at a high level is critical. 

Learn how to remove the "grey" by being able to vividly articulate performance expectations to your reports.  if the standards are set well, it gives people a much better chance of success and makes it very obvious to all if they are below par. 

When the expectations are crystal clear then you can get to coaching- up your employees.  The clarity of standards and the coaching will have an impact for the person to decide to preform or for them self-select out. 

Michael T. Denisoff is an expert in the disciplines of strategy and business, organizational effectiveness, training and development, executive coaching and human resource excellence.   As President and CEO of Employers Resource Association, he is focused on continually listening to the voice of the members, delivering the most relevant & potent services and ensuring that ERA is a Center of Excellence for Human Resources.

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