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DEADLINE:  Group Rating & Group Retrospective Enrollment for Upcoming July 1, 2021 Policy Year

The enrollment deadline for the 7/1/2021 Policy Year is November 18, 2020 for Traditional Group Rating, and January 22, 2021 for Group Retrospective Rating. For more information contact Meridith Whitsel , CareWorks Comp Program Manager, at 614-745-4935 or Meridith.Whitsel@careworkscomp.com.

10/10 - Deadlines approaching to sign up for the CMA's BWC Group Rating Program

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5/28/20 - BWC extends premium due date until Sept. 1 Second deferral in COVID-19 pandemic
4/10/20 - 
Medical practices in the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s state-fund program will be refunded their 2018 workers’ comp premiums  (7/1/18-6/30/19). Employers can expect to receive their dividend check this spring.

3/20/20 - Coronavirus workers’ comp update

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