CMA-Sponsored MOC (Part IV) Questions

What are the initial steps to get started?
  • Current projects: There are two projects that have been approved for MOC (Part IV) credit. One is "Improving depression screenings and referrals for maternity patients" and the other is "Percent of Hypertension control of blood pressure".
  • Your project: If you have an idea of a project or are currently participating in an initiative that may be approved for MOC (Part IV), contact us to see if it can be approved.
How many PDSA cycles are physicians required to complete?
ABMS MOC Part IV credit attainment requires completion of a minimum of 2 PDSA cycles.

Who is eligible to receive MOC (Part IV) credit?
Any physician certified by one of twenty ABMS Member Boards. 

Is there a fee for CMA sponsored MOC (Part IV) credit?
CMA Sustaining members = Free   —   CMA Express members = $100   —   NonMembers = $250
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General MOC (Part IV) Questions

What is the ABMS Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program?
The ABMS Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program was created to recognize quality improvement efforts for continuing certification.  The portfolio program works with a variety of health care organizations to support quality improvement activities that physicians participate in to earn continuing certification credit from a participating ABMS Member Board. 

How it works
  1. The ABMS Multi-Specialty Portfolio program provides a common pathway for quality improvement submissions and approval by ABMS Member Boards.
  2. The Portfolio Program Sponsor (in this case, the Columbus Medical Association) supports meaningful provider participation in an impactful quality improvement and patient safety activities helping to create more efficient practices.
  3. Physician activities connect practice-level changes with the organization's broader vision for quality improvement while simultaniously helping to fulfill professional continuing certification requirements.

What are some examples of themes of Q/I initiatives?
Examples of activity themes include: Asthma; Cancer; Diabetes; Sepsis; Teamwork; Transitions of Care; Communication; etc.