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It is indeed one of the most unpleasant sounds when you hear your baby crying. You cannot help being panic stricken to soothe your baby as soon as you heard it crying, right? For new parents, things become quite troublesome as most of them cannot figure out the Reasons Babies Cry and What You Should Do.

If you are one of those parents and seeking for an efficient solution to get rid of that stressful experience, we assure, you have landed to the right place! Here is why newborn baby cries and how to console them in brief. Let’s get started in no time!

Reasons Babies Cry and What You Should Do

Though crying is considered to be one of the baby’s most effective ways of communication to the parents, it can have some different meanings too. Yes, your little one may cry when it is frightened, bored, or even sad.

Mostly they cry when they are either hungry or feeling uneasy for one or several reasons. You might not figure out the meanings of cry at the very beginning of your baby nursing, through trial and error, and with the help of these parenting hacks, we hope, you are going to resolve the issue soon.

Here are some notable reasons why your baby might cry and what should you do to resolve.


The very first thing that might cross your mind when you hear your kid is crying is- is it hungry? As babies don’t eat much at a time, and they require to feed frequently, it is so natural that you may think it’s hungry once again.

Before you start to feed your baby once again when it cries, make sure to check other signs of hunger too. If your kid is crying because it’s hungry, check the early signs of hunger like sucking finger, lip-smacking, opening mouth and making sucking noise, etc. and feed the baby.


Acidity can be another reasonable cause why your kid might cry as an outcome. Don’t forget to check if your baby is having tummy problem. A gassy baby usually wriggles, arches its back, or pumps the legs. In such cases, holding your child on the left side may help to digest. You can also bicycle its legs to relieve the gas.


Your baby might feel uncomfortable at any time. Whether it’s on the bed or your lap, discomfort might make it cry which you might not figure out at the beginning.

In such cases, stimulation or avoiding stimulation can be an effective way to soothe the baby. If you baby discomfort in baby room then you can setup humidifier for you baby room. Check here the best humidifier for baby !


You might be surprised to know that babies may start teething when they are around four months old. At this stage, your kid will start gnawing which is a secret sign of your teething baby.

In such cases, using pacifiers as well as refrigerated teethers can be an effective way to soothe your baby. You can also give its gums a massage to provide relief.

There are a few though; these are the most notable Reasons Babies Cry. Don’t forget to consult your baby’s doctor if it keeps crying repeatedly and you are unable to find out the reason.

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