Responding to COVID-19

Ohio COVID 19 Vaccine Program

The Ohio Department of Health and the Governor's Pandemic Response and Recovery Leadership Team invites you
to view a webinar on how to participate in the Ohio COVID-19 Vaccine Program.
This webinar is now available on-demand and provides an overview of Ohio's proposed vaccination strategy, as well as detailed instructions if you choose to become a provider of the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available. Thank you for your partnership and support in this critical effort to protect Ohioans and end this pandemic.
The Ohio COVID-19 Vaccine Plan is a framework for planning and decision-making, outlining how to implement mandatory requirements for participating vaccine providers once more details of a vaccine are known. The Ohio Department of Health and the Governor's Pandemic Response and Recovery Leadership Team may update this framework as vaccine development advances, logistics capacities are identified, and stakeholder input is gathered.

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We’re in this together, central Ohio physicians

For more than 100 years, our focus has been supporting physicians and our medical community for the greater good. And even as we face the biggest medical challenge of our lifetime, we aren’t stopping now.

The Columbus Medical Association is working with state medical leaders and the Ohio Department of Health to aid in the response to Covid-19 in central Ohio. Our affiliates are engaged and working closely with local health officials, hospitals and medical professionals.

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