November 2020 Election

Why Do Some Doctors Care So Much about “Judicial Philosophy” and “Tort Reform”?

This update is to provide background and history on the issue of medical liability insurance and Ohio’s tort reform law – items that have potential relevance in the Ohio Supreme Court races on the November ballot.

As a local medical society, the CMA did not take a position on state-wide elections. The Ohio State Medical Association did issue endorsements in the Supreme Court races.  Read more

CMA Endorses Issue 24 - Franklin County ADAMH Levy

adamh_Issue24_FINAL-400x217.jpgPhysicians have first-hand knowledge of the mental health and addiction challenges that face our patients in this community.  The Franklin County Alcohol Drug and Mental Health (ADAMH) System provides vital public mental health and recovery services needed in our county. 

The ADAMH system is largely funded by a local property tax, which is up for vote in the November 3rd election.

The Columbus Medical Association Board of Directors has voted to endorse this levy.

Attached is the Board's letter of support, and an additional levy information sheet from the ADAMH campaign.

Election 2020 | Candidate Endorsements

Recently the OSMA released their list of endorsed Ohio candidates for the upcoming 2020 election. The CMA's PAC was involved in the recommendation process for the legislators in Central Ohio. Over the next few weeks we will be providing quick 1 minute video overviews of each of the endorsed Central Ohio candidates so you can be more informed when it comes time to vote.

Rep Adam Miller | District 17

Rep. Kristin Boggs | District 18

Rep Mary Lightbody | District 19

Rep Richard Brown | District 20

Rep Beth Listion | District 21

Rep David Leland  |  District 22

Rep Laura Lanese | District 23

Rep Allison Russo | District 24

Erica Crawley  |  District 26

Stephanie Kunze  |  Senate District 16

Dr. Rachael Morocco | District 67

Rep Rick Carfagna | District 68