Impact of PLA

Danilo Polonia, MD - Class of 2021/2022

Danilo_Polonia_2.pngThe CMA Physicians Leadership Academy (PLA) has been a great opportunity to expand and explore a physician’s leadership skills.  In a time of much healthcare change, supporting and developing strong physician leadership is essential.  The PLA is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate, learn, and hear from key leadership experts so as to expand and develop important leadership competencies. 

The opportunity to obtain a personal professional coaching to address personal challenges and questions is priceless.  Phil Cass and his faculty truly understand the challenges and concerns that physicians face at work and in our personal lives.  They are all top caliber professionals who are down to earth and help to take your leadership skills to the next level.  One of the things I like the most is the opportunity to share personal experiences amongst all of the physicians to learn and collaborate with each other. 

The academy creates a welcoming environment that allows for meaningful and lasting relationships amongst all participants and faculty.  This program also importantly focuses on how we as physician leaders must be mindful of our own needs (personal and family) that adds to our resiliency and recovery.   The power of mindfulness helps to bring clarity and focus which allows for less self-judgment and enhances our overall well-being.  We learn to embrace be open and honest with ourselves and each other.  This is a place where you can be yourself and be challenged and motivated to learn. 

I strongly encourage other physicians to seriously consider this incredible opportunity to learn and become a better person. 

Mark Herbert, MD

Christina Prabhu, MD

Dawn Prall, MD

Johnstone Kim, MD

Bonnie Pugh, MD

Carol Greco, MD