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Starts: 10-14-2019
Location: Online Opportunity


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Of all the stories that are included in the CMA weekly eNewsletter, CMA-authored ones are by far the most read.

Clearly, physicians value information from other physicians, and in particular their local colleagues.  

Will you help by sharing a story? The subject matter can be anything you want (clinical interests; policy issues that impact healthcare; hobbies in which you participate that give you some work/life balance.)  Some ideas are listed below as well as past examples from CMA physicians.

When you're ready to go, you can either send your story directly to us to share or contact us in advance to discuss. 
Contact: Annie Wilson, CMA Brand Journalist  614-240-7410

Thank you!

  • Clinical/Specialty Stories - Something new or innovative that is going on in your area of specialty; something you've learned from experience; etc.
  • Healthcare Policy - Something that is concerning you or that you think is on the right track; etc.)
  • National Health Awareness Days - Full list here
  • Personal Reflections -  Work/life balance; muses on life as a young/middle aged/older physician or student; life/work hacks that have helped you get through the day/week/year; hobbies; healthy recipes; etc.
  • Local/Current Events/Recommendations: Your top-5 local restaurant picks; Your top 5 favorite books; book groups; etc.

Past Physician-Authored Stories:
Ohio General Assembly Firearm Testimony - Dr. Mehran Mostifavifar
Physician Suicide: A Call to Community - Dr. Terry Olson
Preparing for the Worst, ...Jeff Young
Ex;ercise can make your body feel younger....Dr. Kanny Grewal

Pump Breaks & Online Support: Breastfeeding Tips For Doctors – Dr. Anita Somani

Changing Minds Starts With "Why?": Ways to Address Common Concerns with Immunization – Dr. Shawn Gallagher

Back to School: Now's the Time to Review Vaccines with Kids and Adults – Dr. Bill Cotton

Firearm Deaths, We Can Do Better! – Dr. Mehran Mostifavifar

Improve Your Practice with MOC Part IV at the CMA – Dr. Ed Bope

Dine With A Doc: Nutritional Education For Physicians – Dr. Liz Lottes

Abortion is Still Legal in Ohio – Dr. Caroline Romanos

Creating and Expanding Your World of Containers – Dr. Marietta Hoffmeister

Physician Wellness and the Public Policy Committee - Dr. Stephanie Costa

Leadership Mindset and Training - the Physicians Leadership Academy – Dr. M. Bonnie Pugh

Social Media's Relevance to Healthcare Professionals – Dr. Ahmed Mostafavifar

Opioid epidemic continues to trouble Central Ohio physicians – Dr. Margaret Williams

Can physicians justify medical marijuana? – Dr. Terry Olson

The Changing Role of Physicians – Dr. Bob Falcone

Volunteers Needed:

25 (24 open slots)

Experience Required:

Physician (MD or DO)




Lisa Oyer
Columbus Medical Association

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