Move the Needle Challenge (with MOC IV credit)

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Starts: 10-01-2019


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CMA's “Move the Needle Challenge” is an innovative approach to increasing flu vaccinations across Ohio while providing an opportunity for physicians to receive their quality improvement project credit for MOC Part IV. In collaboration with the Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus (HCGC), CMA is a sponsor for MOC Part IV credit through the AMBS.

What if all physicians in Central Ohio collectively participated on one project that would demonstrate the impact they can make in the community? CMA hopes to answer that question with the “Move the Needle Challenge.” This initiative is intended for practices, physicians, and patients to pass on to their colleagues or friends so they too can take the “challenge” and increase the number of those vaccinated for the flu this year.

Each practice or participant will be able to set their own goals based on their own data and this is free for members of CMA. For more information on the “Move the Needle Challenge” and how you can participate, contact Lisa Oyer at 614-240-7410 or email

Volunteers Needed:

300 (300 open slots)

Experience Required:

No Medical Experience




Lisa Oyer
Columbus Medical Association

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