Advocacy Training



How does one effectively engage in the public policy process with elected officials? Does the legislative process seem mysterious and remote?  This series of training videos provide a learning opportunity of basic information and legislative steps from the perspective of Ohio State Representative Beth Liston, MD.

As a former President of the Columbus Medical Association, Dr. Liston has been active as a proponent of physicians increasing their presence in public policy deliberations. To help physicians who are new to the policy world, this series is offered to provide a learning opportunity for doctors to increase their knowledge and comfort. 

Please note that this video is part of a series that Dr. Liston recorded in 2020 as a part of her MPH course work as a student at Ohio State University.  There are specific references to Public Health, as well as periods of time, circumstances, and people that might not directly apply today for each viewer; however, the basic learning remains valid. The work is Dr. Liston’s and the Columbus Medical Association thanks her for her willingness to share this series as an educational tool to visitors to the CMA website.

What is Advocacy? (22:10)

How a Bill Becomes a Law (27:41)

How Does Advocacy Work? (27:29)

Meeting with a Legislator (19:46)

The Ohio Legislature (32:08)

Building Support (21:17)