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We are physicians and other experts working together to support physicians and
advance the community through professional advocacy, education, and services.

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  • As the OSMA 7th District Councilor for Central Ohio, I am writing to extend an invitation to an OSMA PAC sponsored fundraiser for Rep. Beth Liston, ...

  • Public Policy Committee Update  The next meeting of the CMA's Public Policy Committee will be on Thursday, March 19 at 6:00 p.m. . The ...

  • Hi, I am on the board of Universal Health Aid, a student group trying to bring medical care to underserved communities through health fairs and ...

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09-20-2019 Up to 40 hours total
10-01-2019 Up to 40 hours total
10-01-2019 5-15 hours over the course of the year
10-01-2019 Up to 100 hours over the year